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Rail Nation Description

Did you ever have a model railroad with small towns, intricate railroads, cute trains, and various different environments? This free-to-play game is basically a digital version of model railroads, only more varied and complex.


The free-to-play strategy game Rail Nation is a dream-come-true for every player who is fascinated by trains and has always played with model railroads. In this browser game, you plan, build, and maintain an intricate railroad network to deliver numerous goods to several locations. Rail Nation is a real-time strategy game which means that the calculation of train routes and goods prices occur in real time.

In Rail Nation, your goal is to make as much money as possible to constantly expand your territory and advance your cities. The online game features more than 50 cities per map and a total of 48 different goods. By clicking on cities, you can plan routes and connect these cities with one another. This is how you make sure that your trains deliver and collect goods to every city on your map.

Since Rail Nation is focused on trains, there are obviously many different ways to expand, explore, and advance your engines and wagons. All you have to do is visit your train station which includes a construction yard, engine house, and track production. A laboratory generates and stores research points. Impress other players by upgrading your station concourse – the more advanced it is, the more prestige you will get.

The strategy game features 36 different steam, diesel, and electric engines and 48 different kinds of wagons. If you are fascinated by trains, you will definitely enjoy unlocking new features for your trains. You can go to your research facility to invest in new technologies and build more modern and advanced trains. These will be able to deliver goods more thoroughly and efficiently.

The free-to-play browsergame Rail Nation is the optimal game for anyone that has a passion for either trains or strategy games. It is perfect for players that love both. Check it out and watch your cities grow and prosper.

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